Review for FeYoShe Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks


Light Lava liquid lipstick on top, Sweet Peach on bottom

Upper lip is Sweet Peach; lower lip is Light Lava

Upper lip is Sweet Peach; lower lip is Light Lava

For this review, I will be writing about FeYoShe Cosmetic’s liquid lipsticks.  Last week I purchased two liquid lipsticks from The colors were Light Lava (a very soft peachy color) and Sweet Peach (peach color). I received them in less than a week, so the transaction, shipping and receiving was so fast and easy. When opened, there was a light, minty smell to them. The colors are amazing, and I mixed the two together to create a new, beautiful peachy color. It reminded me a lot of a matte version of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar in Zhora, which I have been searching for a while for.

I recommend applying a lip primer before the liquid lipstick (as I recommend for any lipstick) for longer staying power. The color seems to last for a few hours, with minimal eating, and lasts through me drinking a gallon of water.


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