Low Calorie Peanut Butter Cups! Clean eating

mmmmm peanut butter cup

mmmmm peanut butter cup

I think that chocolate and peanut butter are the best food combination ever! But, I know that if I eat it as much as I’d like to, I would gain even more weight than I already do haha. So, I tried different ways to try to perfect a low fat, low calorie chocolate peanut butter cup. I discovered powdered peanut butter through a friend, and with my sweet tooth, I was on a mission to find it!
I went to a Natural Foods store, Sprouts, that had many different version of powdered peanut butter, including organic powdered peanut butter. These jars run from $8-$12 and come in different flavors (chocolate, hazelnut, coconut). Target has now started selling PB2, in two different flavors, original and chocolate. These are under $5 a jar. You can also find PB2 on Groupon for great deals.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

2 TB powdered peanut butter (original)
2 TB powdered peanut butter (Chocolate)
2 TB Organic Coconut Oil (liquified)
Stevia (to taste)
candy cup holders (walmart $2 for 100 ct)
candy cup tray (Home Goods $12)
Torani’s Peanut Butter flavored syrup (if desired)

Mix 2 TB powdered peanut butter (original), 1 TB coconut oil, and Stevia (to taste) in a mixing glass. Mix with whisk until smooth. You may add Torani’s Peanut Butter flavored syrup to the mixture if you desire more of a peanut butter taste. Evenly distribute the mixture into the candy cups that are in the candy cup try (that way they are lined). Place into the refrigerator for ten minutes. While it is solidifying, mix 2 TB chocolate powdered peanut butter, 1 TB coconut oil, stevia (to taste) and Torani’s peanut butter syrup (if desired), and mix with whisk until smooth. After the original has solidified, remove from the fridge and evenly distribute the chocolate mixture on top of the solidified mixture, and place into the refrigerator for an additional ten minutes.

Once the chocolate peanut butter cups are solidified, they are ready to eat 😀 For a small cup, they are under 1 gram of fat, under 25 calories a piece and around 1 gram of protein each.


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