2x Stacked Oh My! Lash lashes!


For this look, I just wanted my eyes and lips to stand out. I took two very beautiful pairs of strip lashes, Oh My! Lash’s (Oh My! Lash)Thalia mink lashes (my favorite!) and Paige human hair lashes. I applied Thalia first with True Glue Adhesive. Because True Glue does not have harmful ingredients in it, it takes a bit longer to dry, so I actually placed droplets on my hand before taking the lashes out of their packaging. After Thalia was set, I then applied Paige, placing the outer corner of Paige directly in line with the outer corner of Thalia. I did this with my fingers, but some people apply lashes with tweezers (especially if they have longer nails). After I let them sit and dry completely, I went over my black gel liner (Inglot #77…best ever!) for a clean look.


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