$10 to add on a Vajacial in the month of March!!!

$10 vajacials!

$10 vajacials!

When we wax our private areas, we sometimes will have an occasional ingrown hair or two (or more). We may also see our skin starting to darken between our inner thighs. It happens.  Waxing speeds up the skin cell turnover, and the majority of us do not exfoliate properly or quick enough to keep up with the turnover.  That is why I am offering vajacials.  A vajacial, the way I preform it, is more than just a facial for our intimate area; it is an extreme exfoliation process.  It takes about 20 minutes altogether, and the after effect is AMAZING! After waxing, I extract any ingrown hairs from their pores, without the use of tweezers and without damaging the follicle.  Then, I use a papaya and pineapple enzyme peel, mixed with some glycolic acid, to make a mask.  I place that covering the area, and keep it outside of the outer labias, into the inner thighs.  After I remove the mask, I use microdermabrasion to the areas as well, finishing the removal of dead skin cells, and sucking the impurities out of the pores.  The process is finished with a soothing serum that rejuvenates the cells and collagen.


I highly recommend not wearing lycra, spandex, nylon, polyester, and synthetic material, as they do not allow the pores to breathe.  Try to stick to 100% cotton at all times.  Don’t worry, there are plenty of cute panties that are 100% cotton haha.  Frederick’s of Hollywood has some; even Hanes has some.  Lace panties are nylon and polyester, and are some of the worst kind of panties after being waxed (in my opinion, the worst in general).  If you need to wear them, just wear them for a few hours at a time.  This will allow a break and your pores will be able to breathe and thank you.


I am back from vacation, and I am accepting new clients.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at thissteflovesmakeup@gmail.com, or send a text (or call) (209)277-8784 🙂


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